Course Objective
The certificate holders, after this training, will be confident and successful process engineers with strong realistic-problem solving skills. 
Upon completion, candidates who performed well may have the opportunity to admit into a Master of Science/ Master of Engineering programme.
This programme is open to graduates with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or its equivalent.

Course Content
This graduate certificate programme is hosted by NUS Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering to provide targeted training in chemical process & system engineering.

List of Modules
Each module is 4 modular credits unless otherwise specified.
Each module will have 39 formal contact hours. Classes may be conducted on weekday evenings or on Saturdays.

CN5010 Math & Computation Tools for Chemical Engineers
CN5020 Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering
CN5111B Process Optimization with Industrial Applications
CN5191 Project Engineering
SH5201 Hazard Identification and Evaluation

Details of Modules
(Note: Not all modules are offered in each semester)

Semester 1, AY2018/2019 Timetable *
CN5010 Math & Computation Tools for Chemical Engineers E5-03-19 Dr Long Yun 24-11-2018 (Sat), 1.00 pm
CN5020 Advanced Reaction Engineering E5-02-32 A/P Saif A Khan 26-11-2018 (Mon), 9.00 am
*  Information correct as 10 July 2018; may subject to changes in future

Modes of assessment comprise combinations of some or all of these items:
• Quizzes / Term papers /Projects
• In-class participation 
• Final exam / Presentation 

Maximum Candidature
2 years

Award of Graduate Certificate
Individuals who have successfully completed the 4 modules (equivalent to 16 MCs) with a CAP of at least 2.5 will be deemed to have successfully completed the Graduate Certificate Programme. Such individuals will be awarded a Graduate Certificate. There will be no continuation requirements.
Participants may repeat modules [with fees] to improve CAP provided the max candidature is not exceeded.
Students who do not take examinations or fail to attain a CAP ≥ 2.5 will be given a Certificate of Participation, listing the modules taken if attendance is at least 70% for the listed module.

Admission to Master of Science (M.Sc.) / Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Programmes
• A maximum of 16 MCs of modules (each module with a minimum grade of B-) may be transferred to the M.Sc. CHE programme, subject to approval by the ChBE department. The validity period of the transfer is not more than 5 years from the award of the Graduate Certificate.
• Students who graduate with a CAP ≥ 3.5 may be considered for admission to M.Sc. CHE, M.Sc. SHE or other relevant M.Sc. programmes as well as M.Eng. programme.

Application Procedures
Application is open twice a year.
For August 2018 enrolment, please submit the application by 15 June 2018.

GC Application Form
GC Application Info
GC Application Form GC Application Info


Course Fees (subject to 7% GST)
S$5,800 per module