These are exciting times to be a chemical engineer and to be in Singapore. The chemical engineering profession has diversified from its roots in the chemical process industry to the frontiers of medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology, and is playing a leading role in developing solutions to global societal issues such as energy and clean water. Meanwhile, the vibrant and dynamic island nation of Singapore continues to evolve into a global cultural, economic and intellectual hot spot.

At the NUS Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, we aim to be a major player in advancing the chemical engineering discipline to solve pressing problems facing mankind today, with a truly Singaporean spirit of growth, innovation and enterprise. We attract the best students from Singapore and the region to our undergraduate and graduate programs, and our department is a melting pot that reflects the diversity of culture and thought in our island nation. Likewise, our faculty members, who come from all corners of the globe, provide a combination of world-class cutting edge research and educational practice.

Come along and join us for an exciting ride into the future!

Jim Yang LEE
Professor and Head