Minimum Requirements (for students admitted from 2016/2017 onwards)

University Level Requirements (ULR) Programme Requirements Unrestricted Elective Modules

General Education Modules (GEMs)

Five pillars:

Human Cultures (HC)

Asking Questions

Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

Singapore Studies (SS)

Thinking and Expression (T&E)

Faculty Requirements: 

Critical Thinking & Writing (ES1531)

Communicating Engineering (ES2331) 

Engineering Professionalism (EG2401)

Foundational Requirements:

Mathematics I & II, Intro to Programming with Matlab, Materials Science & Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Discipline-specific modules:

ChE (CN) modules, inclusive of core subjects, electives and Final Year Design Project

6-month Industrial Attachment (12 MCs)1

Unrestricted Elective   Modules (UEMs)

Sub-total = 20 MCs Sub-total = 11 MCs Sub-total = 111 MCs Sub-total = 20 MCs
Minimum required for graduation  162 MCs

6-month Industrial Attachment is compulsory for students admitted from 2014/2015 onwards. It is optional for Polytechnic students and those in the Special Programmes (Global Engineering Programme, Chemical Sciences Programme and Double Degree Programmes)


Discipline-specific Modules:

CN1111 Chemical Engineering Principles CN3124 Fluid-Solid Systems
CN2108 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I CN3121 Process Dynamics and Control
CN2116 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design CN3132 Separation Processes
CN2121 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CN3421 Process Modelling and Numerical Simulation
CN2122 Fluid Mechanics CN3135 Process Safety, Health & Environment
CN2125 Heat and Mass Transfer CN4122 Process Synthesis and Simulation
CN3108 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II CN4123R Final Year Design Project
CN3109 Chemical Engineering Laboratory III  

CHE Technical Electives/B.Eng. Dissertation:

(The department decides on the modules to be offered in any given semester.)

Biomolecular Engineering
Module Code Module Title
CN4233R Good Manufacturing Practices in Pharmaceutical Industry
CN4241R Engineering Principles for Drug Delivery
CN4246R Chemical and Bio-Catalysis
CN4247R Enzyme Technology
CN4249 Engineering Design in Molecular Biotechnology
CN5172 Biochemical Engineering
CN5173 Downstream Processing of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Products


Microelectronics Processing
Module Code Module Title
BN4404 Bioelectromechanicals systems - BioMEMs
CN4216R Electronics Materials Science
CN4217R Processing of Microelectronic Materials
CN4223R Microelectronic Thin Films


Process Engineering
Module Code Module Title
CN4205R Pinch Analysis and Process Integration 
CN4227R Advanced Process Control
CN4238R Chemical & Biochemical Process Modelling
CN4245R Data Based Process Characterisation
CN4248 Sustainable Process Development
CN4250 Chemical Product Design
CN4251 Troubleshooting with Case Studies for Process Engineers
CN5111 Optimisation of Chemical Processes
CN5181 Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
CN5185 Batch Process Engineering
CN5186 Design and Operation of Process Networks
CN5191 Project Engineering 
ESP4402 Transport Phenomena in Energy Systems


Process Technology
Module Code Module Title
CN4201R Petroleum Refining
CN4203R Polymer Engineering
CN4211R Petrochemicals and Processing Technologies
CN4215R Food Technology and Engineering
CN4240R Unit Operations and Processes for Effluent Treatment
CN5251 Membrane Science and Engineering


Module Code Module Title
CN4291 Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering
CN5222 Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals


B.Eng. Dissertation (Optional - Interested students can take CN4118 or 2 Technical Electives in lieu of CN4118)
Module Code Module Title
CN4118 B.Eng. Dissertation (over two semesters)


Recommended schedule - First 2 semesters in Year 1: 

Semester 1   Semester 2  
ES1531 Critical Thinking & Writing1      4 GE on QR      4
GE on SS      4

CM1502 General & Physical Chemistry for Engineers

GE on HC or CN1111 Chemical Engineering Principles      4 CN1111 Chemical Engineering Principles or GE on HC      4
IT1005 Introduction to Programming with Matlab      4 MA1506 Mathematics II      4
MA1505 Mathematics I      4 MLE1101 Introductory Materials Science and Engineering      4
Sub-total     20 Sub-total     20


1Students who score a Band 1 or Band 2 in Qualifying English Test (QET) will need to take ES1103 English for Academic Purposes (4 MC) before taking ES1531 Critical Thinking & Writing. ES1103 will be counted as 1 UEM.