Department Seminars: Draw solution for forward osmosis water treatment: progress and challenges

Speaker Dr Qingchun Ge, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, China

Host Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Date/Time 10 Aug - 10 Aug, 3.00pm

Venue E5-02-32 , Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore


Membrane separation has gained more attention than ever nowadays as an effective and feasible approach in solving problems caused by environmental pollution, freshwater shortage and energy crisis. Water treatment through membrane separation is a proven technology for clean water production. Among many membrane processes, forward osmosis has been recognized as a promising membrane process for water treatment because of its characteristics of high water recovery efficiency, low fouling propensity and environmental friendliness.

Draw solution is a key factor in FO processes which determines the FO application and separation efficiency. Considerable efforts have been made in draw solution and a wide range of commercial compounds and synthetic materials have been proposed as draw solutes for FO water treatment over the past few decades. In this presentation, I will introduce our recent efforts on draw solution for FO water treatment. The challenges confronted draw solution and future directions in exploring novel draw solutes will be also highlighted.


Dr. Qingchun Ge received her PhD from the Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore. She worked as a postdoc in Prof Chung’s group at NUS and focused on the studies of draw solution for forward osmosis (2009-2014). In 2015, she was appointed as a full professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fuzhou University. Her research is focused on membrane separation, including design and synthesis of novel draw solute and membrane polymer materials, membrane modification, and forward osmosis water treatment.