Department Seminars: Publishing in the Nature Research Journals

Speaker Dr Luke Batchelor (Host: Dr Zhao Dan)

Host Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Date/Time 24 Oct - 24 Oct, 10.30AM

Venue E5-02-32 , Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore


The Nature Research portfolio includes the flagship Nature title, the physical and life sciences research journals, such as Nature Chemistry, and the open-access titles including Nature Communications. During the first part of the talk Luke will discuss the different aims and scopes of the various Nature titles as well as the relationship between them. The second part of the talk will focus on the editorial process, which is common to all the journals. He will clarify the role of the editor in the process, discussing, for example, how reviewers are selected and how editors approach decisions. He will also offer advice on preparing manuscripts and correspondence for submission and publication.


Luke is the Chief Editor of a new open-access chemistry journal from Nature Research. Prior to this he spent five years as a Senior Editor and Team Manager at Nature Communications where he handled manuscripts across chemistry, nanoscience and materials science. He gained his PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Manchester (UK) before conducting his postdoctoral work at Université Paris Sud XI (France).