Siow Ling SOH

Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

(65) 6516 6617



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  • PhD (Chemical Engineering) Northwestern, 2011
  • BEng (Chemical Engineering) NUS, 2002

Research Interests

  • Smart programmable materials and systems
  • Responsive and functional polymers
  • Separation of charge at interfaces
  • Reaction diffusion processes

Selected Publications

Soh, S.; Kwok, S. W.; Liu, H.; Whitesides, G. M. Contact de-Electrification of Electrostatically Charged Polymers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134, 20151-20159.

Soh, S.; Kandere-Grzybowska, K.; Mahmud, G.; Huda, S.; Patashinski, A. Z.; Grzybowski, B. A. Tomography and Static-Mechanical Properties of Adherent Cells. Advanced Materials 2012, 24, 5719-5726

Soh, S.; Wei, Y. H.; Kowalczyk, B.; Gothard, C. M.; Baytekin, B.; Gothard, N.; Grzybowski, B. A. Estimating Chemical Reactivity and Cross-Influence from Collective Chemical Knowledge. Chemical Science 2012, 3, 1497-1502

Soh, S.; Branicki, M.; Grzybowski, B. A. Swarming in Shallow Waters. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2011, 2, 770-774.

Soh, S.; Byrska, M.; Kandere-Grzybowska, K.; Grzybowski, B. A. Reaction-Diffusion Systems in Intracellular Molecular Transport and Control. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2010, 49, 4170-4198.