Book on Chemical Process Retrofitting and Revamping: Techniques and Applications

Chemical process plants operating today were designed in the past, perhaps optimally for conditions at that time. Although designed for 10 to 20 years, many plants continue to operate for much longer. It is imperative to improve their performance to meet current environmental, technological and economic targets. Hence, suitable modifications in the process equipment and configuration have to be made by retrofitting and revamping.

Part One of this book discusses general aspects of retrofitting. Part Two covers computational techniques for solving process retrofit problems. Part Three addresses retrofit applications from diverse process industries. The main topics covered are:

• Project engineering and process safety
• Retrofit/revamp options for common process equipment and systems
• Techniques for process simulation and optimization
• Process intensification technology
• Retrofitting/revamping of distillation columns, vacuum systems, water networks and pulp refining processes.

With industrial and technological developments, this book is suitable for process engineers, researchers and chemical engineering students.

Rangaiah Large

This work has been published in John Wiley in March 2016 (

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