FYP project wins Poster Award at NUS-ACS Undergrad Symposium 2017

22 February 2017


Outstanding Poster Award from NUS-ACS Undergraduate Symposium 2017

Our Chemical Engineering final year undergraduate, Guo Wei Fheng won the Outstanding Poster Award at the NUS-ACS Undergraduate Symposium 2017, organized by the NUS American Chemical Society Student Chapter (NUSACSSC) on 17 February 2017. His winning entry was based on his final year project entitled, “Multivalent-Aptamer DNA nanostructures for Targeted Drug Delivery into Triple-Negative Breast Cancers”. His project, supervised by Dr David Leong, explored the synthesis of self-assembled DNA nanostructures as smart drug carriers for cancer therapy.


 NUS ACS 2017

NUS ACS 2017 poster award

Guo Wei Fheng (left) presenting his winning idea to Adj. Asst. Prof Klement Foo (A*STAR) (right)